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Steph - DES JobCoach Chermside

We want you to feel comfortable when choosing a DES JobCoach to support you. We have put together the below interview with Steph to help you make this choice and hopefully allow you to feel confident in choosing a PeoplePlus JobCoach to go on this journey with you.

PeoplePlus Profiles - Stephanie
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What is the best part about your job? 

The ability to impact and change people’s lives. So many participants who walk through the door have given up on themselves. I could be the one person who believes in them and changes the course of their future.

Your skill set that makes you a good job coach?

I believe that I have the ability to identify a participants skill set from a previous role or hobby and transfer them to a completely different profession through innovative and creative ideas so they can reach their goals.

What is your most memorable good news story?

There is no better feeling than when a participant phones after their first day in a new job. They are elated, motivated and so thankful that someone believed in them and gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

A Hobby/Passion?

Travel – I love to discover new parts of the world and experiencing different cultures. I recently went on a trip to Sri Lanka and Singapore where I did yoga and meditated with Buddhist Monks. You can learn so much not only about the culture but yourself when you become immersed in different environments outside of your comfort zone.

2019 goal?

For me, 2019 is about working on being the best version of myself, both physically and mentally. I am competing in the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July and want to be in the best shape as possible.

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