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Kenny - DES JobCoach (Campsie, Lakemba, Marrickville)

We want you to feel comfortable when choosing a DES JobCoach to support you. We have put together the below interview with Kenny to help you make this choice and hopefully allow you to feel confident in choosing a PeoplePlus JobCoach to go on this journey with you.

PeoplePlus Profiles - Kenny


What is the best part about your job? 

I would say it’s about getting to know and work with different personality types on a daily basis which helps me build my interpersonal skills. The best part comes from seeing people achieving success and turn their lives around and heading towards a positive direction.

What are your skills that make you a good job coach? 

I believe I am good at problem solving and I am also an active listener. I strive to understand the job seeker's history to identify the most suitable approach and to work with him/her better.

What is your most memorable good news story?

To date one of my good news stories was assisting a client who had gone through years and years without an opportunity to showcase his skills and knowledge. I worked together with him to discover his skills and interests and set a goal to achieve employment. An internship was successfully secured at NAB through a Government Initiative called AccessAbility Day and all the credits are due to the team at PeoplePlus who worked with us tirelessly to achieve this.

How do you spend your spare time?

I like to be involved in team sports during my past time, most notably Volleyball. I also like to work on my own vehicles as a method of stress relief.

What is your goal for 2019?

To continue to work towards more Good News Stories and help more people achieve their employment goals!


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